Hype has begun stirring around a new Summoners War: Chronicles raid boss when Com2uS teased the first “major” update for the game. The new update will feature the new boss Naraku and the new assistant Raven on December 12.

Naraku, the game’s new raid boss, is an immense dragon who will spit fire at summoners. Naraku will have various skills that will make him difficult to kill. Starting with an earthquake that will deal area damage, he will then summon spirits to assist him in killing summoners.

The update will also add a new allied monster named Raven. It deals damage that ignores all buffs or armor, causes a frost explosion, reduces the cooldown, depending on the attribute.

The game itself is a direct follow-up to Summoners War: Sky Arena, picking up where that game left off.

Choosing from a small selection of characters, the focus of the campaign is to fight back against the darkness that has leaked through the Rift of Worlds.

There’s over 350 monsters in the game, and you must fight alongside a team of them if you are to overcome said darkness. With such a big monster selection, you should have a fun time testing each of them out!

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