The original Torchlight is the product of (now defunct) developer Runic Games, which created two games in the series before closing in 2017. The sequel offers a critically-acclaimed chunk. .

After disbanding Runic, publisher Perfect World then revived the series just 9 months later, handing over the rights to developer Echtra Games to Torchlight 3 2020. Torchlight 3 has transformed into Torchlight Infinite.

Torchlight Infinite, developed by Shanghai-based studio XD Inc, uses a data-crawling formula to create a free-to-play game. Although the developer initially claimed that the monetization was mainly based on selling character skins, the game's revenue system is much more than that.

Torchlight: Infinite, like the previous installments of the series, is a dynamic hack'n'slash action RPG set in fantasy climates, drawing inspiration from the classics of the genre, including the aforementioned Diablo. According to the creators themselves, the most characteristic feature of this part is an extensive character development system, allowing players to adjust the hero they lead to their preferred style of play.

Despite the huge success of Diablo Immortal, grossing $100 million in just 8 weeks, Torchlight Infinite seems to be following a separate process to conquer player tastes.

Torchlight Infinite has a gameplay quite similar to Diablo, instead of dungeons, there will be areas. In each level, the player's main task will be to destroy the boss of that level, in the process, the player will discover and fight monsters along the way and collect all kinds of dropped items. after defeating the monster.

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