Although VR headsets have technically been around for decades, they still feel stuck in a perpetual cycle of infancy FUT 23 Coins That said, the market is growing and the consumption of VR materials seems to be becoming more mainstream. With that comes the constant battle to improve the overall experience, utilize the latest technology, and keep the retail costs within acceptable parameters. All those things combined create an extremely tough “ask” for developers, and it explains why the VR market continuously feels so fluid. Either way, I am very much into the idea of VR sports games, so let’s chat more.

MyCareer Season 4 Level Rewards: 7 Rewards That Should Have Been in NBA 2K22’s Latest Season The fourth season of NBA 2K22‘s MyCareer mode has now begun and players are already packing into the Rec gym to quickly ascend levels so they can reach the ultimate goal of level 40.

This season’s Hunt 4 Glory theme on next-gen systems is highlighted by the final level prize being a pet tiger that will accompany you around The City as you go about all of your hooping business. Considering how everyone is bound to have different tastes, some may find this to be a silly and frivolous reward for such a lofty achievement, while others might look at the idea of channeling Mike Tyson in The Hangover (or Mike Tyson in real life, for that matter) by having their very own tiger to be kind of cool.

One of the more random issues that has cropped up during the NBA 2K generation change from last-gen consoles to new-gen/next-gen consoles has to do with the oversights relating to playing with friends online in the “play now” mode. The “play now” variant where you invite a friend to the “locker room” had one buy FIFA 23 Coins relatively large issue last year in NBA 2K21. Now with the NBA 2K22 play with the friends online mode, a new bug has become a major roadblock to playing the mode.